Apartment price in Bangalore

Bangalore offers diversified property options for end-users, investors and Stake- holders. The price of an apartment or any other residential property in Bangalore depends on the area where the property is present, its surrounding developments, the physical infrastructure of the area, the civic amenities, the prevailing social framework, proximity to employment hubs, proximity to Airport & City Railway Station and other upcoming infrastructural developments planned around that zone. Bangalore offers multitudinal options of residential properties in the form of luxury apartments of type 1, 2, 3 & 4 BHKs, duplex homes, villas, plots, row houses, penthouses and studio apartments. The price value of 1 BHK apartments may vary between 25 – 40 Lakhs, it would vary between 45 – 80 Lakhs for 2 BHK apartments and the price for 3 BHK apartments can be 80 Lakhs onwards.

Luxury apartments in Bangalore

Bangalore’s real estate market is an avenue for increased commercial and residential activities with positive customer sentiments owing to growing IT/ITeS/BT sectors which affirms higher job opportunities. This in turn has augmented the demand for residential properties in all prime areas of the city. One can find housing communities by top construction brands which feature luxury apartments of various sizes and configurations offered at various budget ranges matching the requirement of multitudinal investors. Brigade Utopia by Brigade Groups is a brilliantly crafted integrated enclave comprising Commercial, Residential, Cineplex and Retail segments. The residential complexes - Eden and Serene feature 1, 2 and 3 Bedroom luxury apartments and studio apartments with upscale amenities & facilities.

Ongoing residential projects in Bangalore

Bangalore is a home to many exquisite residential communities by notable Construction brands which feature opulently outlined habitats of various forms and types. These all-inclusive townships are the finest destinations for ostentatious living which provides a podium for convenient livelihood. Here is the list of Bangalore’s leading ongoing residential projects: Brigade Utopia, Prestige Jindal City, Prestige Lakeside Habitat, Prestige Flacon City, Sobha Royal Pavilion, Parkside West by Brigade, Parkside North By Brigade, Parkside East by Brigade, Brigade Bricklane, Brigade Woods, Brigade Buena Vista, Brigade Orchards, Brigade Atmosphere, Prestige Willow Tree, Prestige Misty Waters – Vista Tower, Prestige Song Of the South Phase 2, Godrej Reserve, Rohan Upavan, Vaishnavi Serene, Shriram Earth, Prestige MSR and Prestige Botanique.

Home for sale in Bangalore

Bangalore features several landmark housing destinations by top Builders fraternity which offer beautiful urban homes, plots, villas, apartments, row houses, penthouses and studio apartments of various sizes and configurations available at different budget ranges to match the requirements of home seekers, end-users, stake holders and investors. Few of the top residential establishments of Bangalore by leading Construction firms are: Serene at Brigade Utopia, Eden at Brigade Utopia, Brigade Woods, Brigade El Dorado, Prestige Jindal City, Prestige Willow Tree, Sobha Royal Pavilion, Prestige Elysian, Prestige Finsbury Park, Godrej Reserve, Ozone Polestar, Ozone Verdana, Ozone Urbana, Provident Equinox, Vaishnavi Serene, Rohan Upavan, Brigade Orchards, Brigade Atmosphere, Brigade Parkside East, Brigade Parkside West, Brigade Parkside North and Brigade Buena Vista.

2 BHK flat for sale in Bangalore

2 BHK flats or apartments are the most famous and largest selling unit forms in the residential real-estate market of Bangalore. The demand-curve for 2 Bedroom apartments has maintained a steady pace due to its convenient sizing and pricing options. 2 BHK apartments constitute a major portion in any housing townships. Brigade Utopia by Brigade Groups is a 47 acres residential township in plush surrounds off Varthur Road hosting residential, retail, Cineplex and commercial segments. The residential towers Serene and Eden feature elegantly crafted 2 Bedroom apartments coupled with contemporary designs, diligent specifications and top-notch amenities.

How to buy house in Bangalore

Bangalore is the IT destination of India with pleasant and placid habitual environs that makes it a perfect choice for residential settlements. The city offers wide range of housing options that includes luxury apartments, villas, plots, row houses, pent houses, studio apartments and duplex homes among others. These townships are equipped with top-notch amenities and facilities which bestows an easeful lifestyle to its inhabitants. Buying a home requires thorough analysis of the prevailing realty market to understand the legal aspects of property purchase. One of the effective ways of buying a home in Bangalore is to opt for trusted channel partners who will guide you through all the procedures related to your home-buying process starting from site visit to all required paper work

Residential projects in Bangalore

Bangalore offers multitudinal housing options for investors and end-users looking for a residential property in form of luxury apartments, affordable apartments, premium residences, smart integrated enclaves, row houses, penthouses and senior citizen friendly abodes available by reputed developers in a wide range of prices. Few of the notable residential projects in Bangalore are: Brigade Utopia, Brigade Woods, Prestige Jindal City, Prestige Lakeside Habitat, Prestige Elysian, Brigade El Dorado, Sobha Royal Pavilion, Brigade Bricklane, Vaishnavi Serene, Rohan Upavan, Brigade Parkside East, Brigade Parkside West, Brigade Parkside North, Prestige Willow Tree, Shriram Earth, Salarpuria Sattva Exotica, Provident Central Park, Godrej Reserve, Prestige Smart City and Prestige Finsbury Park.

New apartments in Bangalore

Bangalore is for a fact, one of the most attractive real estate investment hubs in the entire country. This garden city has appealed a vast populace from all over the country due to its all-year round balanced climatic conditions, huge employment opportunities, social infrastructures of world-class and availability of excellent residential projects that gives ideal options for investors. There are many new residential communities by top construction firms featuring apartments of various types, sizes and configurations furnished with state-of-the art amenities, specifications and conveniences. Eden and Serene at Brigade Utopia are two of the colossal residential townships by Brigade Groups in opulent surrounds off Varthur Road, which arrays a swarm of well-architected abodes flocked with upscale amenities and facilities.

3 BHK flat in Bangalore

Luxury apartments is one of the fast moving segments in real estate residential market and 3 BHK flats or apartments are the most favourite unit types among the urban crowd aspiring for a livelihood with no space restraints attached to their habitats. The 3 BHK flat bestows much required flexibility for shaping your imagination about the dream home you have always fantasized. For investment purposes too, 3 BHK apartments could be a great deal when bought in the right township residing in right locality close to employment hubs and IT parks. This would assuredly fetch good rental incomes along with good future appreciations for resale. Brigade Utopia is a smart integrated enclave featuring 3 bedroom apartments of various facings and configurations, aided with upscale amenities, facilities and conveniences. The two residential towers Eden and Serene at Brigade Utopia offer luxury apartments of various types and sizes set amidst the ease of being in the vicinity of 47 acres colossal premise hosting residential, commercial, Cineplex and retail segments within its enclosure.

Property rates in Bangalore

Bangalore property market is in good state with addition of many new ventures featuring properties across various budget ranges to befit the requirements of multiple investors and end-users. As per expert opinions, buying a property in Bangalore can be wise, based on the growth potential of this city. The property- rates completely depends on the area opted, the surrounding social infrastructure, the physical framework of the locality, connectivity and upcoming infrastructural developments in that area. The residential properties in form of apartments, villas, row houses or plots opted from a pre-launched venture will fetch you more benefits when compared to ready-to-move-in properties and the deal could be advantageous when invested with right builder and right project.

Residential properties in Bangalore

Property market in Bangalore is performing aptly with right demand and supply ratio. The realty domain has responded positively to an increasingly knowledgeable consumer base and, bearing in mind the aspect of globalisation, Bangalore real estate developers have shifted gears and accepted fresh challenges benefitting the needs of investors and end-users. Renowned names in the real estate market like Brigade Groups, Prestige Groups, Hiranandani, Rohan Builders, Vaishnavi Groups, Shriram Properties, Godrej Properties, Ozone Builders, Arvind Groups, Puravankara, Provident Housing Limited, Salarpuria Sattva, Sobha Developers, Tata Groups and Mantri among others have ventured their prime property establishments pertaining to residential, commercial, retail, integrated enclaves and hospitality segments. The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) Urban has also been instrumental in catering the affordable housing segment with a motto of housing for all.

Green Building Materials - An Alternative to Concrete

The real-estate industry has always favoured the regime of “Green-Innovations” that positively upgrade the quality and standards of construction. The Civil Engineers, Structural Consultants and Construction Experts have continuously researched to induce environment-friendly materials in construction process that will ensure safe and feasible development purlieus for the present and upcoming generations. There are numerous green building materials available that offer alternatives to concrete and have a lower environmental impact.

Grasscrete: This is a method of laying concrete flooring, walkways and driveways in a manner that concedes open patterns through which grass or other flora can grow. This method reduces the concrete usage and also helps in water absorption.

Straw Bale: Usage of straw bale ascribes to the traditional building techniques when homes were built using natural and provincially available materials. Straw bales are affordable and biodegradable material which has high insulation properties towards hot or cold climate. It could be used to build walls inside of a frame, replacing other building materials such as concrete, wood, gypsum, plaster, fibre-glass or stone.

Hempcrete: This is a concrete-like material extracted from woody inner fibres of the hemp plant. The hemp fibres are amalgamated with lime to create concrete-like shapes that are strong but light in weight. Timbercrete: This is a building material made from sawdust and concrete mixed together. Sawdust reuses a waste product and replaces some of the energy-intensive components of traditional concrete. Timbercrete can be moulded into blocks, bricks and pavers.

Ashcrete: This is a substitute to concrete that uses fly ash instead of traditional cement. By using fly ash, a by-product of burning coal, 97 percent of traditional components in concrete can be replaced with recycled material. Other than these afore mentioned products Bamboo, Wood, Mycelium and Ferrock can also be used as an alternate to Concrete.

Essentials to know about the Property Transfers

Property buying involves numerous legal formalities which have to be duly completed to ensure hassle-free property transfer from seller to buyer. The owner of the property holds the right to transfer his/her property either by gifting or selling it and this could be executed by registering a sale deed in favour of the buyer. A conveyance deed is carried out to transfer title from one person to another. Agreement to sell the property presages the execution of sale deed. The successive sale deed is based on this agreement which is signed by seller and buyer on non-judicial stamp paper. Further, the Sale deed has to be stamped and registered at Sub registrar’s office. Registration will be done after payment of appropriate stamp duty, as prevalent in the corresponding state.

Once purchased, the property should be mutated in the name of the new owner or the purchaser. Mutation is a process which rectifies the records in municipal authorities (for urban properties) and local revenue authorities (for other properties) by replacing the name of owner with that of new owner. Mutation of a property in the municipal or revenue records will ensure the payment of property taxes by the current owners.

10 Reasons to Buy a House When You Are Young

For Indians, home is just not an investment; it is the asset which is cherished emotionally and a resource appreciated for life. So buying a home early when you are young has many advantages. Top ten reasons to buy a house when you are young are listed here.

Early Investment: The price of residential properties has seen a quick appreciation with each passing year. So by investing early, you are cracking a good deal.

Tax Advantage: The burden of tax will be less compared to the ones who make an investment when they get into higher tax slabs.

Ownership of the house: Alongside the joy of owing a treasured asset, you will be saving on rental expenses.

Sub-leasing: This will fetch you some rental income. Forced Saving: This will benefit you by inducing disciplinary sense towards your spending and savings.

Rental Income: If you plan to rent out your home, you can avail the rental income.

Concept of Finance: Early investment will make you a responsible person and you will master the art of financing at the right time of your career which could help you in making right financial decisions in future.

Building you equity: With appreciations of land value, your residential property is likely to multiply in-terms of valuations.

Risk Factor: Early investment means less burden and reduced risk. Scope of bigger investment in near future: Once free from home-buying, you will have the required freedom and flexibility for banking on other big projects or investments.

Ways to Reduce Interest Rate on Your Home Loans

Getting into right scheme of home loan is as important as investing in the right property. Here are few basic concepts related to home loan which could help you in understanding the concept of fetching benefits from your home loans.

Duration: Short term home-loans will help in marginal reduction of absolute interest to be paid. This will certainly burden the amount of EMI, but if you can afford it, you will end up clearing the principal amount in quickly thereby reducing the amount of interest paid.

Scaling-up the EMI: Up surging the EMIs with extra amount will also help in reduction of your principal amount and thus the interest in turn. So when you get some extra funding or a bonus, increase the amount you pay EMIs for your home loan.

Refinancing: Be watchful about the prevailing interest rates which tend to change with the economic conditions of the country. You may consider switching to another bank if you come across the lower interest rates as compared to the current lender. But switching certainly comes with few clauses and conditions, so verify to make sure that savings accumulated from a lower rate of interest are not lower than the cost of switching to a new housing loan provider.

Essentials to Know about the Property Transfer How EPF can help you buy your Dream Home – 5 things you should know

Which is the best phase to buy Apartment - Pre Launch or Ready to Move in?

The option to choose from pre-launch or ready to move in projects entirely depends on the financial situation of the buyer, personal preference and the purpose of investment. The choice also depends on whether you are buying an apartment as a purely investment asset or as an end-user. The pre-launch or under-construction projects have the advantage of better affordability& high returns, and payment flexibility. When opted for a right project from reputed builders, you will sure be a happy customer and a proud owner of your dream home. Buying ready-to-move-in apartments have their own set of advantages. They come with immediate gratification or acquisition of the property you have paid for; risk involved is low; there is an immediate relief from rental commitments; tax benefits will start immediately and most importantly in case of ready-to-move flat you first see the product and only then decide to buy it – so that evidently means that, what you see is what you get.

Why Varthur Road is Best Choice for Investing in Real Estate

Real Estate Market-Analysts have identified Varthur Road as one of the top investment hot-spots of Bangalore City. This is primarily due to their proximity to employment hubs of Whitefield, International Tech Park (ITPB) & the Export Promotion Industrial Park (EPIP), enhanced social and physical infrastructure and upcoming infrastructure projects like the metro rail, ORR and Peripheral Ring Road. The IT/ITES sectors in this zone are expected to administer incremental employment-growth giving way to significant number of urban populace wanting to settle down in nearby locales with residential settlements and Varthur Road would be viewed as the most affirmative region for such investments. Considering the current price trend, Varthur Road is the best choice for investing in real estate properties.

Why Varthur Road can be considered for buying an Apartment

There are many affirmative reasons which make Varthur Road an objective locale for investing in a residential property. The location advantage and the price appreciation have acted in favour of Varthur Road’s growth. This is one region which has privileged everyone; be it end-user or investor or the developer. The geographic positioning of Varthur Road is also a considerate highlight which starts from HAL Airport Road and stretches till Varthur via Marathalli, Kundanahalli, Thubarahalli, Sidhapura, Ramagundanahalli and Varthur Kodi. Also, it is located close to major IT hubs of the city- Whitefield, ITPL, EPIP zone, Electronic City, Koramangala and Sarjapur Road. The connectivity to other major business hubs of the city and proximity to major employment zones along with well-developed social infrastructure gives Varthur Road an additional leverage over its peer neighbourhoods.

Surrounding Development in Varthur Road

Varthur Road has seen tremendous real-estate growth in recent past with more and more demand for commercial and residential properties along the stretches of this belt. Varthur is a prominent region of East Bangalore with near proximity to employment havens of Sarjapur Road, Whitefield, Marathalli, Koramangala and Electronic City. The connectivity factor to other core business destinations of the city has contributed enormously to this prospering growth. The availability of large stretches of land has beckoned many leading real-estate developers to invest in this zone. The rates are also fairly competitive when compared to its peer localities, making it more favourable for the investors and end-users. With upcoming infrastructure developments like Metro Rail and Peripheral Ring Road, the region is prospected to augment ceaselessly in the realty domain.

Properties in Varthur Road

Varthur Road real-estate market has seen amazing development with adequate demand for residential properties. The strategic positioning of this stretch of being in near propinquity to major employment hubs of International Tech Park (ITPB), Whitefield, Sarjapur Road, Electronic City and Marathahalli has benefitted the real-estate development. The micro-markets in and around Varthur Road are well developed and include all required civic amenities, favouring the residential market of this zone. There are many leading builders in Varthur like Brigade, Puravankara, Sobha Group, Prestige, Uniworth, Sekhar Arvind, Rohan Builders, and Provident Groups among others. Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, Prestige Lakeside Habitat and Sobha Gateway of Dreams are few of the notable residential ventures which feature exclusive apartments with top-notch amenities and facilities.

Properties in East Bangalore

East Bangalore is one of the favourite investment destinations of end-users and investors. As per the Market Experts, there has been a significant rise in demand for residential properties in East Bangalore due its strategic positioning which routes this suburb to the latitude of prime business hubs of Whitefield, Sarjapur, Marathalli, Varthur and Electronic City. With young buyers showing more interest in property investments, East Bangalore has gained much attention due to the well established presence of IT/ITES firms within in its terrain. Few of the notable residential communities by top real estate brands in the vicinity of East Bangalore are: Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, Brigade Woods, Prestige Smart City, Sobha Royal Pavilion, Prestige Lakeside Habitat, Prestige Summer Fields, Shriram Earth, Parkside East by Brigade, Prestige Kew Gardens, Prestige Falcon City and Prestige Fontaine Blue.

1 BHK Apartment / Flat for sale in Brigade Utopia

Brigade Utopia is a 47 acres integrated township hosting brilliantly outlined residential, commercial, Cineplex and retail segments. The residential district constitutes 4000 plus apartments of type 1, 2, 3 BHK apartments along with studio apartments. The residential phases at Brigade Utopia are categorised into Eden and Serene. The Eden block comprises of 1 Bedroom apartments in two size pattern of 782 Square Feet and 799 Square Feet. The 1 BHK flat is brilliantly outlined with optimal and smart utilization of available area to create a modern, vaastu-compliant and capacious unit which gives space for comfortable living. The unit comprises of a spacious living/dining hall with adjacency to Kitchen/Utility space. The bedroom is commodious with attached bathroom and has access to adjoining Balcony.

Upcoming Residential property in Varthur Road-Bangalore

Investing in an upcoming residential property or pre-launch property as it is popularly known is now considered to be one the smart and effective ways of acquiring your dream property at huge discounted price which is way too lower compared to ready-to-occupy properties. With RERA in charge, when invested in the right project and right builder having a well-established reputation in the realty market, this deal will certainly prove to be surpassingly beneficial for both end-users and investors. There are many notable upcoming residential properties in Varthur Road of East Bangalore being ventured by reputed real- estate firms and investing in these projects would undoubtedly fetch great appreciations and returns in future. Brigade Cornerstone Utopia by Brigade Groups is an upcoming mixed-development project by Brigade Groups in plush locales off Varthur Road which offers upscale 1, 2 and 3 BHK apartments and studio apartments with distinctive amenities and facilities.

Upcoming Residential property in East Bangalore

East Bangalore is a prime residential and commercial avenue of Bangalore which shelters many upcoming and ongoing residential properties. There is a huge demand for residential apartments from IT/ITES and other business sections in Eastern Zone of the city. The upcoming residential ventures offer outstanding price propoundment when compared to the ongoing or ready-to- occupy abodes. When invested with the right builder with good reputation, this deal could prove to be very beneficial for the investors as well as end-users. Serene at Brigade Cornerstone Utopia and Eden at Brigade Cornerstone Utopia are two new upcoming residential communities developed by Brigade Construction Group that offers 1, 2, 3 BHK apartments and studio apartments in plush locales off Varthur Road - East Bangalore.

Upcoming Residential property in Bangalore

Investing in residential properties is considered to be one the profitable stakes with good returns and appreciation. As per Investment Experts, Real estate investment is contemplated to be an elementary way that can generate straightforward passive income and can also be a good long-term investment option since the value increases over time. Bangalore has always maintained a stable spot among real estate investors offering a sound return on investment and assured rental income owing to the driving demand from IT/ ITeS sector. There are many upcoming residential ventures lined up for development in all prime zones of the city. These housing communities are built by reputed real- estate firms which offer well build, capacious, vaastu-compliant abodes coupled with luxury amenities and modern specifications.

Best 5 Projects to Invest in Varthur Road - Bangalore

Varthur Road has set a propitious platform for realty investments and is considered as the most promising investment-focus in real-estate market of Bangalore. Varthur has one of the highest congregations of property developments in pre-launch or under construction stature that offer one, two and three-bedroom configurations at fairly competitive pricing when compared to its peer neighbourhoods. Following are the top five projects to invest-in if you are looking for an apartment in Varthur Road suburbs: Eden at Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, Serene at Brigade Cornerstone Utopia by Brigade Groups, Hi Life Greens by Hi life Ventures, Obel Villas by Obel Builders and Brigade Woods off Varthur Road by Brigade Groups. These gated communities by eminent construction groups, feature luxury abodes developed over vast land premise venerated with top-notch amenities, landscaped campus and all modern facilities which assists in bestowing an elite livelihood.

Best 5 Projects to Invest in East Bangalore

East Bangalore is one of the influential residential hubs of the city with vastly established corporate and residential avenues within its purview. The region enjoys good connectivity through Outer Ring Road, Sarjapur Road and Varthur Road which seamlessly connects East Bangalore to rest of the city. The zone is also considered to be one of the top investment spots for property investments with favouring rate appreciations and gravitating returns in future. Here are the top five residential projects to invest-in, if you are looking for housing property in East Bangalore: Brigade Cornerstone Utopia (off Varthur Road), Brigade Woods (Whitefield), Prestige Smart City (off Sarjapur Road), Sobha Royal Pavilion (off Sarjapur Road) and Shriram Earth (Whitefield). These housing establishments are being developed by reputed real-estate companies outlined to feature luxury abodes equipped with lifestyle amenities, facilities and august specifications.

Best 5 Projects to Invest in Bangalore

The city of Bangalore is recognised internationally for several reasons, be it for the IT establishments it florets or for the serenity it fosters. The city is also one of the most aspired residential havens of the country with well framed social and physical support systems within its vault. Following are the top five residential projects in Bangalore that can be foreseen as profitable investment options for both end-users and investors: 1.Brigade Cornerstone Utopia – off Varthur Main Road, East Bangalore; 2. Prestige Jindal City – Tumkur Road, North West Bangalore; 3. Brigade Woods – Whitefield, East Bangalore; 4. Prestige Willow Tree – Vidyaranyapura, North Bangalore; 5. Prestige Smart City – off Sarjapur Road, Bangalore East. These residential communities feature luxury residential apartments of various sizes and configurations with diversified price ranges to match the financial dimensions of multitudinous customers.

Ongoing Residential Projects in Varthur Road Bangalore

Varthur Road and the stretches surrounded by it are emerging as dominant realty hotspots of Bangalore. This athletic growth can be attributed to the proximity to IT hubs, fine connectivity options and good infrastructure. These locations are well-connected to Whitefield via Varthur Road and ITPL Main Road and to other parts of the city via NH4. Varthur is mainly known for its expansive developments which are offered at fairly competitive rates compared to its peer areas. There are many ongoing residential ventures in this part of the city by prime real-estate construction companies. Brigade Cornerstone Utopia by Brigade Groups is a premium integrated community spread over 47 acres and is coming up in capital locales off Varthur Road which features residential complexes, retail, Cineplex and commercial segments.

Ongoing Residential Projects in Bangalore

Bangalore is considered amongst the top five residential stations of the country. This city has an even brew of urbanity, culture, refinement and ambience which provides an ideal platform for residential establishments. The city has finely laid civic and physical infrastructure and constitutes best educational institutes, health-care facilities, employment hubs, entertainment zones and other essential conveniences required for leading an upscale livelihood. Brigade Groups is one of the renowned real-estate firms of the country with vast expertise in Residential, Offices, Retail, Hospitality & Education sectors. There are many notable Brigade residential communities in Bangalore which feature brilliantly drafted homes in forms of apartments, duplex houses, row-houses, villas, penthouses and studio apartments. Few of the ongoing residential Projects of Brigade Groups in Bangalore are: Brigade Orchards in Devanahalli, Brigade Panorama in Mysore Road, Brigade Atmosphere in Devanahalli, Brigade Meadows – Plumeria Lifestyle in South Bangalore, Brigade 7 Gardens in Banashankari 6 th Stage and Brigade Buena Vista in Budigere Cross.

Residential Apartments in Varthur Road Bangalore

Varthur Road is an emerging realty hotspots of Bangalore which has attracted the cosmopolitan crowd due to its placid surrounds strengthened with self- supportive micro market. The availability of larger parcels of land in and around Varthur Road has led to the development of residential and commercial properties here. Many major real-estate construction firms have invested in this locality and have ventured their signature residential communities here which offer brilliantly outlined residential apartments of various sizes, configurations and budget ranges rationalizing the housing needs of investors and end-users. Brigade Corner Stone Utopia is a magnificent integrated township offering residential, commercial, Cineplex and retail segments within the ambience of 47 acres land coverage with top-notch amenities and facilities.

Residential Apartments in East Bangalore

East Bangalore is marked as one of the predominant real estate havens with great pursuit for residential properties. Whitefield, Varthur Road, Sarjapur Road, Brookefield, Marathalli and old Madras Road are few of the prime localities of East Bangalore. One can find stately residential townships in all these prime localities which feature luxury abodes of different size ranges, configurations and budget ranges. With good accessibility and excellent connectivity to other core regions of the city, East Bangalore woks in favour of investment options that can earn brisk appreciation in near future. The presence of IT hubs and other employment avenues alongside the essential civic amenities coupled with physical infrastructure, this neighbourhood is an all- inclusive micro-market best suited for owing a residential apartment. Brigade Cornerstone Utopia is a mixed-development project offering residential, commercial, Cineplex and retail avenues within a huge boundary of 47 acres.

Residential Apartments in Bangalore

Bangalore tops the list of fastest-growing cities of India since the past few decades. Its ambient climate, it’s well placed physical infrastructure, the availability of convenient civic amenities and excellent connectivity network have been few of the reasons for this growth. The residential market has proportionally seen an uptrend with this swift growth and one can find august housing communities featuring residential apartments of various sizes and configurations with different price ranges to befit the financial preferences of various income groups. The residential townships are developed by top real- estate firms on verdant land enclosures with opulent landscaping and palatial amenities to give a wholesome urban-experience to its in-dwellers.

New Launch Projects in Varthur Road - Bangalore

The proximity to IT/ITeS firms and connectivity to ORR, Whitefield, Marathahalli, Panathur as well as Sarjapur, makes Varthur Road a prime real- estate spot for residential investments. Varthur is mainly known for its expansive villa developments. The rates are fairly competitive making it more preferable. Varthur is mainly known for its expansive housing developments which feature imperial apartments of various sizes and configurations with top- class amenities and specifications. The rates are fairly competitive making it more preferable. Following are the new launch projects in Varthur Road: Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, Prestige Lakeside Habitat, Adithya Esquina , Hi Life Greens, Purvi Symphony and Candeur Landmark among others.

New Launch Projects in East Bangalore

East Bangalore has a host of new residential ventures within its vicinity. These housing ventures by top real-estate firms like Brigade Groups, Salarpuria Sattva, Sobha Developers, Rohan Builders, Prestige Groups, Provident Groups, Puravankara, Godrej Groups, Shriram Properties, Arvind Groups, Ozone, Assetz Group, Hiranandani and Vaishnavi Groups among others provide residential habitats of various sizes, dimensions and price ranges under hi-end, mid-range and affordable housing segments. Few of the notable new launch projects in East Bangalore are: Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, Brigade Woods, Prestige Lakeside Habitat, Sobha Royal Pavilion, Sobha Renaissance, Shriram Earth, Shriram Santorini, Brigade Parkside, Salarpuria Sattva Signet and Prestige Fontaine Blue. These massive residential communities feature beautifully outlined residential units which are vaastu complaint, capacious and well-ventilated assisted with imperial amenities and niceties.

New Launch Projects in Bangalore

The garden city of India - Bangalore is also known for its housing accomplishments and IT establishments. The demand for residential properties has always been substantial with good demand for residential and commercial properties. The city has many ongoing and new residential launches in all prime zones of the city. Few of the notable new residential launches by notable real- estate firms are: Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, Brigade Woods, Prestige Willow Tree, Prestige Smart City, Prestige Jindal City, Godrej HDIL, Godrej Reserve, Prestige Lakeside Habitat, Vaishnavi Serene, Brigade Bricklane, Prestige Finsbury Park, Sobha Renaissance, Shriram Earth, Provident Neora and Shriram Santorini among others. These mammoth townships by top brands include beautifully outlined, vaastu compliant urban homes coupled with upscale amenities and facilities.

Brigade Group Projects in Varthur Road, Bangalore

Brigade Group Projects are considered to be best in class, quality and standard enlargements conferring an elite lifestyle to dwell-at. The firm has more than 2 decades of expertise in various categories of Real Estate Industry that includes Residential, Commercial, Retail, Hospitality and Education Segments. Varthur Road is a prominent area of East Bangalore with many sophisticated residential townships within its vicinity. The location advantage of being close to IT hubs of Whitefield, Sarjapur Road and Electronic City has attracted many real-estate construction firms to plant their residential township in this zone. Brigade’s new venture Brigade Cornerstone Utopia is an agile integrated township coming up in nimble locales off Varthur Main Road, offering skilfully developed luxury and studio apartments set besides well planned commercial, Cineplex and retail expansions.

Brigade Group Projects in East Bangalore

East Bangalore is one of the prominent residential zones of Bangalore that includes major localities like Whitefield, Varthur, Sarjapur, Marathahalli, Old Madras Road and Brookefield. Brigade has ventured many of its eminent residential townships in all prime locales of East Bangalore. Following are the Brigade Group Projects in East Bangalore: Brigade Woods, Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, Brigade Cosmopolis, Brigade Exotica, Brigade Golden Triangle, Brigade Lakefront and Brigade Parkside East to mention a few. These mammoth townships are bundled with host of urban amenities and conveniences to bestow an impressive stay at elegantly thought-out residential abodes.

Brigade Group Projects in Bangalore

Brigade Group is a real-estate construction brand which is known for its innovatory and credible work in the field of Residential, Offices, Retail, Hospitality & Education sectors. Brigade’s residential preference includes penthouses, studio apartments, villas, deluxe residences, luxury apartments, value homes, senior friendly homes and smart integrated lifestyle enclosures and townships. The landmark retail endeavours of this Grade A property Developers include World Trade Centre- Bangalore & Kochi, Software and IT parks, SEZs, Orion Mall at Brigade Gateway, Orion East in Banaswadi- Bangalore and the upcoming Orion OMR. The residential ventures include Brigade Altamont, Brigade Cosmopolis, Brigade Omega, Brigade Crescent, Brigade 7 Gardens, Brigade Woods and Brigade Utopia to name a few.

Luxury Apartments in Varthur Road

Varthur road extends towards the eastern zone of Bangalore and the neighbourhoods surrounding Varthur Road have strong presence of realty market due to their adjacency to International Tech Park (ITPB) and Export Promotion Industrial Park (EPIP) of Whitefield. One can find several residential townships being developed by top builders like Brigade, Sobha, Prestige, Hiranandani, Godrej, Puravankara, Provident Groups, Salarpuria Sattva, Shriram Properties, and Rohan Builders among others which feature luxury homes catering to the needs of the high end consumers. The luxury housing section is not very price sensitive but rather concentrates on value addition to the property through differentiated features, high end amenities and personalised residential services.

Luxury Apartments in East Bangalore

East Bangalore is a marked zone of Bangalore City well known for its green stretches and pleasant surrounds. The presence of good civic and social infrastructure like reputed educational institutions, hospitals, banks, shopping malls, restaurants, super markets, IT parks and other employment places have attributed to the swift augmentation of realty market here. The area is enriched with the presence of major residential communities which offer luxury apartments of various types & sizes, banded with modern amenities, specifications and facilities.

Luxury Apartments in Bangalore

Bangalore is a habitat for urban lifestyle and one can find all required conveniences for leading a stately life here. The city is one amongst the most aspired residential havens which is driving the real-estate sector into new heights with each passing year. Top real-estate firms including Brigade Groups, Prestige, Sobha, Salarpuria Sattva, Godrej Properties, Vaishnavi Groups, Shriram Properties, Hiranandani, Puravankara and Provident Groups among others have entrenched residential communities which feature luxury apartments of various sizes and dimensions coupled with high-rated amenities and facilities.

Things to Know Before Buying Apartment in Varthur Road

Varthur Road extending towards the eastern zone of Bangalore is one of the swiftly developing areas of the city. The real-estate market has shown some amazing development here with several notable residential ventures making their way in this dominion. One can scale up the following points before buying apartment in Varthur Road: Review the builder’s previous work, his reputation, timely completion of work & other information, look for the surrounding development to gauge the valuation of the land & future appreciation, compare with peer projects in terms of quality, price & amenities provided, check for RERA amenableness, verify the legality of the land and check the apartment possession time in case of pre-launch projects.

Things to Know Before Buying Apartment in Bangalore

Bangalore is considered to be one of amiable residential havens for smart livelihood. One can find all required amenities and conveniences to lead an easeful life here. Following are the things to be considered if one is planning to buy an apartment in this IT capital: decide the area you want to buy the apartment depending on your personal priorities, research the market to ensure you are getting value for money you invest-in, talk to independent valuators & real-estate agents of the area to get required information, check if the residential apartment complex is close to basic amenities like schools, public transport, grocery marts etc, verify the legality of the land, check the reputation of the builder and finally check the financial banks/institutes associated with the project.

Things to Know Before Buying Apartment in East Bangalore

East Bangalore is known for its ambient residential surrounds with well planned social & physical infrastructure. The need for residential properties has seen an uptrend in this zone which has interested top construction firms to enroot their residential townships here. Following are the things to know before buying an apartment in East Bangalore: Surrounding development of the locale where the flat is located, the locale’s social & physical frame work, the builder reputation, reviews of his previous projects, legal verification of land record, estimation of project completion dates in case of pre-launch projects, financial banks that are filling to fund the project, builder-buyer agreement, RERA compliancy of the development and any additional/hidden charges associated with the project.

Properties in Bangalore

The every growing city of Bangalore is brimming with real-estate activities and has striking demand for residential and commercial properties. The steady growth of the city has been a treat to investors and end-users. With newer projects and a prosperous consumption acclimatized cosmopolitan population, Bangalore offers cardinal appreciation worth gaining. Excellent connectivity, modern infrastructure, vividly available housing options and affordable prices makes Bangalore the most sought for investment spots and hence a good place to invest from an investor’s prospective. Few of the leading residential ventures of Bangalore are: Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, Brigade Woods, Prestige Willow Tree, Prestige Jindal City, Rohan Upavan, Shriram Codename Take it Easy, Vaishnavi Serene, Provident Neora and Sobha Renaissance.

Upcoming Residential property in Varthur Road Bangalore

Varthur Road has briskly endeavoured into one of the most sought-for residential neighbourhoods of Bangalore City with many big players of real-estate industry investing in this polestar location. The infrastructure up-gradation along with its proximity to IT parks of Whitefield has attributed largely to the growth of this area. Few of the upcoming Residential Properties of Varthur Road are: Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, Woods, Brigade Crimson Tower, Rohan Iksha and Prestige Leela. These housing projects offer luxury apartments of different sizes and configurations equipped with imperial amenities and facilities.

Things to Know Before Buying Apartment in Varthur Road

Varthur, an opulent suburb of East Bangalore is a chief quantum of Bangalore Urban District which is the extended part of the IT hub - Whitefield. The evolution of IT industry and close proximity to Whitefield has been the major factors of growth. There are several residential establishments situated in this area which feature exquisite apartments, villas and high-end penthouses with world-class amenities and facilities. One has to consider few of these things before buying an apartment in Varthur Road: Residential market trend in the locality to evaluate the price of the project, project neighbourhood & its adjacent developments, builder reputation & his previous work, property documents verification, carpet area of the apartment, various niceties provided, open space dedicated, parking facilities and financial institutes/banks associated with the project.

Luxury Apartments in Bangalore

Bangalore, famously recognised as the silicon city of the country is also notable for its residential sector. The city hosts numerable residential communities which offer luxury apartments, villas, plots and duplex houses for cosmopolitan livelihood. Here are few residential communities of Bangalore offering luxury apartments: Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, Provident Neora, Prestige Willow Tree, Brigade Woods, Shriram Raami Codename Dil Chahata Hai, Shriram Blue Codename Take It Easy, Prestige Jindal City, Prestige Falcon City, Prestige Song of the South, Purva Atmosphere, Brigade Deccan Heights, Provident Park Square, Rohan Upavan, Shriram Santorini, Sobha Lake Garden, Prestige Finsberry Park, Sobha Lake Garden, Arvind Oasis, Embassy Edge, Godrej Reflections, Ozone Urbana Prime and Rohan Akriti.

Affordable Apartments in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the most coveted hotspots in India for its affordable residential housing options. The city has shown affable demand in affordable housing section which has caught the interest of real estate construction firms who have included this section in their residential endeavours. Brigade Cornerstone Utopia is one such venture by Brigade Groups offering luxury abodes of various sizes and configurations to match the budget range of mid-income buyers making it more affordable and economical.

Best Projects in East Bangalore

East Bangalore is one of the emerging housing destinations of Bangalore City which draws prime attention from investors and home-seekers due to its social and physical infrastructure. This zone has gained attention from IT crowd working in and around areas of Whitefield, Varthur Road, Marathalli and Sarjapur Road. There are several residential townships from major real-estate firms which offer luxury abodes of various sizes and budget options coupled with top notch facilities and amenities. Following are few well known residential ventures of East Bangalore: Brigade Cornerstone Utopia, Prestige Smart City, Sobha Renaissance, Brigade Woods, Shriram Blue, Brigade Crimson Tower, RMZ Marq, Purva 270, Godrej United, Shriram Greenfield and Mantri Global Heights.

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